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Your new book and course offer the most innovative and practical approach to learning the commercial ice machine training basics. In-depth discussions of the types of ice, the machines that make them and the practical uses of each ice type begin the discussion. Later on, the mechanical and electrical controls in everyday use within the large percentage of ice machines, both large and small, are covered. More than just relying on installation or service manuals alone is required with understanding the fundamentals first! Later, this book and the factory resources will make sense. Quality service training is a journey.

Commercial Ice Machines…only

Best in class textbook.
Commercial Ice Machines…only the 2nd edition will give you a comprehensive foundation for developing a culture of hygienic service and maintenance practices – critical components in professional food service maintenance. Finally, you’ll learn the applications of electrical and refrigeration controls as they apply to different types and brands of ice machines. ‘Commercial Ice Machines only…’ is designed to explain the commercial ice machine basics and create the foundation of successful advanced interactions with the ice equipment. The ice machine training course and program is an excellent add-on resource to enhance your skills formally.

Create installations that won’t inhibit future service and maintenance. Installations without service access are the beginning of the end for the ice machine because maintenance is likely to be skipped when maintenance access is difficult.

Equipment Application
Apply the ice product correctly to the intended meal and beverage service to produce higher quality products. The application of electrical and refrigeration controls is standardized mainly throughout the industry. Learn the applications of these controls as they apply to different types and brands of ice machines. Factory service literature leaves you in the dark without a basic understanding of controls and components.

Ice is Food and requires hygienic production and handling.
The commercial ice machine makes food intended for consumption. As they say, Ice-Is-Food! The problem is that the industry does not routinely train the technicians who perform installation, service, and scheduled maintenance of hygienic practices. As you read, these hygienic methods are the most critical aspects of professional food service maintenance. Lack of specific technical knowledge in these areas leads to gaps in maintenance, which leads to health code violations and sanctions that could result in business closure. Embrace a culture of hygienic service and maintenance practices. Learn to identify when unhygienic habits are used in the workplace.

Troubleshooting Tools
Troubleshooting commercial machines is sometimes complex, especially for current refrigeration or HVAC technicians. The ice machine is robotic, with certain aspects much more critical than anything else in the refrigeration or HVAC worlds. More, personal hygiene and effective hygienic practices are skills in which technicians have never been trained. The troubleshooting and hygienic chapters focus on these requirements.

Service and Installation Training
Ice machine service training and troubleshooting are essential for ensuring optimum performance and safety in the workplace. Ice machines are complex robotic systems that require specialized knowledge to maintain and operate effectively. From understanding the types of ice produced, the ice machines that make them, and their practical uses to applying installations that allow future service and maintenance without hindrance – ice machine service training and troubleshooting can ensure the safety and quality of your product. With the knowledge gained from this book and course, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the fundamentals of commercial ice machine training.


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Explore the inner chapters of
Commercial Ice Machines…only 2nd Edition

The Book Chapters

Chapter 1 : An Introduction to Ice Machines

An introduction to the many types of ice machines and products available in the marketplace.

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Chapter 2 and 3 : Ice Types, applications and features

Ice is needed everywhere. Learn about the correct application of the ice types to the beverage or food service.

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Chapter 4: Cabinets, Cover Panels and safety Protection

The machinery was built using a variety of cover and safety panels to direct condenser air flow, separation of electricity and water and importantly hygienic separation.


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Chapter 5 : Electrical and Refrigeration Controls

The electrical and mechanical controls operate in conjunction with one another. Learn about the symphony of interactions, testing, and troubleshooting.

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Chapter 6 : Sealed System Controls

Sealed systems controls in ice machines take on different forms and applications. Since the ice machine is largely robotic a collection of refrigerant control valve and solenoids are needed. Learn about the many types and application of controls common to typical ice machinery.

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Chapter 7 : Health and safety Compliance

Identify the sources of water and ice contamination from plumbing errors. Identify and carry out the necessary steps for effective cleaning and sanitizing of the ice machine during normal maintenance intervals.

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Chapter 8 : Water Filtration and Treatment

Food service equipment are large energy consumers. More than electrical energy ice machines require inordinate quantities of water used both in the ice product as well as waste water. Learn to recognize the issues affecting both of these maintenance and financial concerns and how to mitigate them.

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Chapter 9 : Energy Management

Food service equipment are large energy consumers. More than electrical energy ice machines require inordinate quantities of water used both in the ice product as well as waste water. Learn to recognize the issues affecting both of these maintenance and financial concerns and how to mitigate them.

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Chapter 10 : Installation and Ice Machine Selection

Regular maintenance is necessary for commercial food service equipment. Poor or crowded installations set the stage for poor or absent maintenance. Selecting the correct ice machine (and ice types) for the needs of the establishment requires thoughtful consideration in a balancing act of capacity, storage, placement, and connections.

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Chapter 11 : Practical Problem Solving

The ice machinery is different from other systems and requires unique and specific troubleshooting techniques. Did you know that many troubleshooting steps don’t involve disassembly or the use of refrigerant manifold gauges? This challenging chapter covers water considerations and filtering, unit location, sick consumers, and much more.

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Chapter 12: After the service call

Keys to minimizing new issues and how to mitigate the risks of call backs after the service or maintenance is completed

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Chapter 13-15: Careers, Glossary and References

The food machinery industry provides many alternate careers. Learn about each of the common careers and how to achieve the level of competency needed for each of them. Find forms, worksheets, Chapter Review answer keys, and more.

The exact Table of Contents may vary between eBooks, Paperback, and Hardcover editions.

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Nine Sample Pages From Commercial Ice Machine training textbook

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Water Problems pdf

Test samples of potable water before and after treatment using reverse osmosis filtration

Potential Relay pdf

Compressor starting components-the potential relay used in full HP systems

Splash Curtain pdf

Examples and operational descriptions of splash curtains found in cube ice machines

Run Capacitor pdf

A description and operational discussion of 2 and 3 terminal capacitors

Air Cooled Condenser pdf

Air Cooled condensing section common to fractional horsepower (HP) refrigeration systems

Harvest Pressure Regulator pdf

Harvest pressure regulator as applied to the cube ice machine refrigeration system

Hard Start Kit pdf

Hard Start kit used in ice machines and other types of refrigeration systems

Cube Size Controls pdf

Examples of cube size controls in a variety of systems

Harvest Assist Assembly pdf

An example of specific components to enable ice harvesting in the cube ice machine

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