Instructor Led Online or In Person Training

Instructors operate eTech with at least a Subject-Matter Expert (SME) credential in their field or higher.

Key members possess the  Certified Master HVAC/R Educator credential (CMHE).

The online HVAC School focused on HVAC, Refrigeration, and other technical trades puts their students at a disadvantage without constant student supervision and (constant) guidance. For the school intending to run their program using the maximum amount of automation and hope (some say a prayer) instead of hands-on guidance is likely not finding a program completion rate worthy of advertising.

Direct employers such as contractors and facility managers have the same challenge. Impromptu warehouse meetings aren’t enough to actually change the knowledge curve. Experience shows that a combination of academics, student supervision, and guidance (pushing) is necessary to make the knowledge transfer occur with measurable results.

For the student, being left to figure it out is an unfair challenge. We have all gone through our lives and careers, finding issues, processes, and systems that we need to have explained in different fashions to comprehend.

All three of these roles benefit from an Instructor Led Training either in person, online, or as a mentor.

eTech is proud of the established Instructor Led Programs and our staff of qualified Instructors.

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HVAC and Heat Pump Courses

Live In Person Training

LED by seasoned industry professionals

In the traditional sense, Instructor-Led Training (ILT) involves an individual (industry expert Instructor)  leading a class of learners, delivering the content directly to attendees in real-time. The Instructor and the students attend together in a face-to-face setting. These sessions occur at a specific time and in a classroom setting and can last anywhere from an hour to several days or months.

Sessions that are most suitable for Face-to-Face delivery include the following scenarios:

  • 5 or more students
  • Contractor or Company training programs
  • In-person interaction is a benefit to the learning styles of the attendees
  • Product, component, or process demonstrations are needed to effect the best learning result.





Online instructor led Training

LED by seasoned industry professionals

The online instructor is also called a Mentor. Mentors don’t necessarily facilitate training, instead they direct the student by grade and completion coaching.

Online Instructor-Led Training is delivered with an internet-based application where students attend virtually during live ‘virtual’ broadcasts in classroom settings. There is no need for student travel, although employers could coordinate the employees into a single company session with the instruction delivered online. In this manner, employers can monitor student interactions. The Instructor requires periodic exams and timely ‘homework’ assignments, which are factored into the course or program completion results.

  • Student are required to maintain a high-speed internet connection
  • Cell phones are NOT recommended for course interaction due to the small screen sizes
  • A Laptop computer, PC or tablet ARE suitable devices which yield the best experience
  • Off the shelf courses or subjects are easily adapted into a quality program
  • Contractor or Company training programs are immensely enhanced by in-place technology and instructional staff