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Professional Commercial Ice Machine Technician Certificate Program


Our training is built on the premise to fix something efficiently; you need to know how it works thoroughly.

This principle ensures that by the end of the course, you’ll emerge as a qualified Commercial Ice Machine Repair Technician, equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle most challenges that come your way in the field of ice machine maintenance and repair.

In our program, you won’t just learn how to fix problems – you’ll learn how to provide solutions. So, gear up and elevate your expertise – become the go-to professional in your field. It’s a game-changer.

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Prepare for Success with eTech HVAC/R Training Center’s Commercial Ice Machine Training. Gain the Professional Commercial Ice Machine Technician Certificate and become an expert in the core technology of ice machines. Our comprehensive program ensures that you understand the inner workings of each appliance, making you a superior technician. You’ll outshine the competition and impress your customers with your knowledge. Start your journey towards becoming a well-informed tech today.

Text Books? We have them! Authored  by a multi decade experienced and  Certified Master HVAC Educator (CMHE).


It’s not just about learning the jargon – it’s about developing a deep, practical understanding of how ice machines function and how to tackle their issues effectively.

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How does learning about ice machines work at eTech HVAC/R Training Center?

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Whats It All About?

Investing in training and education is vital for HVAC and ice machine service and installation professionals. The industry is evolving rapidly, frequently introducing new technologies and methodologies. Equip yourself with the latest knowledge and skills to stay competitive and excel in your profession.

Various training and education options are available. You should choose a program that aligns with your personal and professional goals. If you aim to specialize in a particular area, such as commercial refrigeration or residential heating systems, choose a program offering in-depth training. A comprehensive course covering all HVAC and ice machine installation and repair aspects might be more suitable if you’re starting out.

Check out our 2-for-1 Commercial Ice Machine Professional program, married with the NATE CHP-5 program. Twice the fun for the same price.

Investing time, effort, and monetary cost into building your expertise is worthwhile.

  • Making you more attractive to potential employers.

  • Making yourself into an expert for your customers.


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